.. free people love ..

I randomly got the Free People, July 2010 catalog in the mailbox the other day, and I'm dying over some of their pieces!!

Everything just looks so cozy and comfortable. Love it!


  1. it's not that random b/c free ppl is related to anthro and urban, no? you know, it's weird. i look at free ppl's site and i don't like any of their stuff; it looks cheap. but i almost always like what i find in stores. isn't the opposite usually true?

  2. You're right, the opposite is usually true. I didn't realize FP is related to anthro and urban. Really? The catalog is super nice, because things are put together in an interesting way, but when you look at the pieces separately on the site, they're not too spectacular. Some of these new pieces are pretty great though, but really pricey.


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