.. jake and vienna meltdown ..

I don't watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but I do know from the gossip blogs that the most recent bachelor, Jake, and his fiance Vienna broke up recently. I actually met the two at a OK Magazine party awhile back, and although I didn't talk to Vienna at all, Jake seemed nice enough in a cheesy cookie cutter way.

I just had to mention it though, because the two decided to go on ABC and air their dirty laundry to all of America. Accusations of "fame-whoring" and lack of sex and intimacy were hot topic issues. It seems to me that if they weren't contractually obligated to appear on T.V. for this disaster, they're both getting pretty high marks for fame-whoring then.

I only saw a couple of clips from Gawker, and oh my, was it awkward and uncomfortable.

Image via The LA Times Blog

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