.. I'm coming back full force! ..

It's dreadful how little blogging I've done lately. I do have a very good excuse though. In addition to my "real" job, I've also been helping with some home renovating, so that's taken up a majority of my time. It's been so much fun. My mom and dad have put a lot of money into renovating our old childhood home, but now we're all pitching in with painting, finishing floors, and other fun projects. There's so much to do, but the house is really starting to look great. We had renters in there for years, and the house got pretty run-down as a result, but now it's starting to get its luster back!!! I love that house. It's so airy, bright, and happy!! Can't wait for the finished product. I've been super lax with pictures, but I promise to take some pics, so that I can share with you, dear readers.

Have a lovely night! Kisses.

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