.. preppy and girly ..

Last week, a friend of mine came to visit from out of town, and we went out to dinner and had some time to catch up on her crazy life. I didn't want to look like I just rolled out of bed, although I had taken a mini nap that day.

Unlike today, it was nice out with a bit of a breeze. I wore one of my favorite vintage Ralph Lauren blazers, and paired it with a cute strapless dress and some heels. The heels are super comfortable, so I was ready to go!

FYI, my bangs are still funny looking in the pics, but they're growing out fast! I think they're cute, but sometimes they can look kind of dorky. Heh, very fitting.

In addition to the vintage blazer, I had on a floral dress from Mango, suede heels, and Betsey Johnson gold watch.


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