.. minx nails are all the rage ..

These minx nails look pretty fancy. Apparently, they're a type of polymer film that gets affixed to your nails, and they come in pretty colors and styles (i.e., some standard, some customized)!

Take a look at Katy Perry's nails plastered with Russell Brand's face. A bit frightening in my opinion...

Too bad I can't do anything to my nails without chipping them right away. I know that these seem a bit more durable than regular nail polish, but knowing me, I'd ruin them. Plus, my nails have always disappointed me, so I'm not sure I want to draw more attention to them. Seriously, they're weird. I have the smallest nail beds ever, and if I let my nails grow out even just a little, they look really strange. They don't grow out curved and nicely shaped, but rather all flat and gross. Don't worry, my fingers are perfectly fine, it's just the nail beds -- they're itty bitty, like a child's.

Images via NYT

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