.. lanvin + H&M ..

I know that many have been very excited for the Lanvin collaboration with H&M, and I too, have been pretty curious to see what they would come up with. When I saw the images yesterday from the whole collection, there were definitely pieces that I liked. The chartreuse dress was quite the stunner, and the pleating and volume of the dresses were beautifully dramatic.

However, when I saw the video of selected pieces from the collection, it seemed a bit cheap to me. I'm sure some will be enraged to hear that, but the quality of the fabrics doesn't seem to be there. I admit that the styling had a negative effect on how I viewed the pieces, because it invoked more amateur costume hour then high elegance and drama.

Lanvin ♥ H&M Look Book from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.

Who knows...I'll definitely be checking it out in person before I make any final judgments about the collection. Regardless, I do think the special collaboration is pretty great, and I'm a big Lanvin fan!

Update | This video is better! Some pulpy fun.

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