.. recharging ..

I've had quite the week -- exhausting and draining to say the least, but there were definite highlights! What can be better then bacon wrapped hot dogs, fried tacos, and churros at the fashion district in L.A, while shopping for dollar make-up, jewelry, and headbands!!

While in LA with a great friend, we also got a chance to try Philippe's for the first time. The line was crazy, and we were so hungry by the time we got our french dipped sandwiches. They were good, but I wish the meat was more flavorful. Nothing to write home about, but they certainly filled our tummies. Randomly enough, I caught an episode of No Reservations today, and Anthony Bourdain went there with a couple of roller derby girls. He had the lamb, which apparently is the one to get! We didn't try the lamb!!

I took today off and just slept and relaxed. It was nice and I feel a bit recharged, especially after a super hot shower! Look forward to more updates throughout the week!


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