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El Cabrito | Santa Ana, CA | 01.31.11

It's been awhile since I've reviewed a restaurant! That doesn't mean I haven't been going out and trying new places. Rather, I've been too busy eating, and haven't had time to post my opinions about these various scrumptious eateries.

El Cabrito is definitely one of those places you should try!! I've been eying this place for awhile, since it happens to be near one of my favorite thrift shops. It's always super crowded when I drive by, with most of the outdoor tables filled with people chomping away on delicious smelling meats and tacos. Yum!!

I finally got a chance to drop by today, and brought home an order of the barbacoa plate. Oh man, it was so good. I had been debating between the barbacoa or the birria, but ultimately decided that I'd try the goat another time. Both the barbacoa and birria are quite pricey (in comparison to the other items on the menu), at about $14 an order, but the serving size more than makes up for the price. My dad and I were able to share one order of the barbacoa, and there's still tons leftover for later (or immediately after I finish this review).

The meat is super tender and juicy. It's served in the braising liquid, which is savory and a bit spicy. You can definitely taste the garlic, onions, and fat from the meat. The flavor is nicely developed. The combo plate is served with corn tortillas, rice, beans, salsa, a hot chili paste, and various other condiments (raw onions, cilantro, radishes, and limes). These all perfectly compliment the meat, and as I assembled my tacos, I made sure to pile on both the meat and jus into the tortilla. A squeeze of lime and the crunch of the radishes are nice counterpoints to the spicy meat and salsa.

The rice is nicely seasoned with a strong sauteed garlic flavor, and the white beans are cooked down until tender and smooth.

I really can't wait to go back. I'm definitely trying the birria the next time I'm there. Oh, and the tortas looked pretty fabulous as well.

P.S. | Order numbers are called out in Spanish, so as long as you can remember the first thing you learned in Spanish class all those years ago, you'll be good to go. Also, sorry for the absence of food pics. I was too busy devouring everything in front of me, that I totally forgot.

Rating | ****

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