.. sorry, totally went mia ..

I've had a very exciting last few weeks, which has resulted in a total lack of posts. Boo, so sorry, dear readers.

I'm an aunt now, and my little cutie-pie of a nephew has totally been occupying my time; day, night, and in my dreams, too. He's such an adorable little nugget. I seriously want to spend all my time with him. Hehe, my mom feels the same way. She totally kidnapped him back home, with a very flimsy excuse of having to change her clothes. It's true, he did pee on her, but she probably didn't need to take him along for the ride. I understand though. If he weren't so dependent on his mama's milk, I might try to take him away myself!

I feel absolutely blissful, similar to the feeling you might get from watching this cute little puppy try to doggy paddle in a shallow pool of water. I'm going to have to show this to my dad. Dachshund's are his absolute favorite. God, everything is so much better in slow motion.

Video via Dlisted

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