.. flirting with spring accessories ..

I found amazing vintage accessories the other day. I must have had spring on my mind, because I came home with lovely cream staples with a pop of robin's egg blue ribbon, and gold jewelry accented with vibrant orange gems. I cannot wait to put outfits together based on these lovely accessories!!

Extra score, that leather cream belt is from Pierre Balmain!

I really can't ever turn down bold, vibrant, gold jewelry. The bigger the better sometimes. That pop of orange is stunning!

Animal motifs are also irresistible for me. Lions, leopards, lynxes, snakes, owls, elephants...anything really!

 These knot earrings are subtle and sweet.

Here's something really amazing...button covers! Seriously, why did companies stop making stuff like this? I love how versatile accessories used to be back then. People really understood the impact of well composed details and the idea of luxury and refinement. Ahh, I sound like a curmudgeony old lady.

Oh no, I forgot to take a picture of my vintage shoe clips for you as well! Talk about versatile. They're a pair of cream ribbon bows accented with gold hardware. Seriously, the find of the century. I've used these clips on three different pairs of shoes now, and since they don't make awesome accessories like this anymore, I'm planning to make my own shoe clips. Cannot wait! I'm hoping to do a tutorial on DIY shoe clips, so stay tuned! Plus, they can be clipped onto other items as well (e.g., jacket lapels, or as nice cuff details on a blazer).


  1. I think the hat worn with the necklace would be really nice...great color combo.

  2. Love these accessories. What great shots!



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