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I cannot get enough of my mom's cooking!! She just intuitively knows how to make anything and everything; and make it taste amazing. She would kill at that Top Chef quickfire where you have to guess all the ingredients in a complex dish. When we were younger, I would ask my mom to name for me all the ingredients that went into a restaurant dish, and if she was really interested, she would make a better version of the dish based on what she had tasted at the restaurant.

Here, she's made Vietnamese crepes filled with pork belly, shrimp, mung bean, bean sprouts, and scallions. So good, and it's been years since she's made these. Usually, we just go out for it, but she likes to mix it up in the kitchen once in awhile.

Her version is so spectacular because the meat and shrimp are so perfectly seasoned, and the crepe is super thin and crispy. That is key! They're aserved with plenty of fresh herbs and lettuces and a traditional Vietnamese condiment made with fish sauce, lime, chili, garlic, etc.

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