.. faking ysl ..

These YSL clutches are so pretty. I like how classy yet kicky they are! Of course, the exorbitant cost--I don't know the price, but I imagine it to be costly, indeed--makes the possibility of me holding one in hand very slim. Then I thought, this might be my next great DIY project. The clutch itself is quite simple and there's no reason I can't find something similar at a very reasonable price. A little paint and/or metallic marker action and voila, a brand spanking new YSL-inspired clutch!!  Stay tuned for the results!

 Images via GoFugYourself

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  1. In fact, I have the perfect vintage gold clutch that I can practice on before I go out a get a fancy new black clutch. The gold one is similarly evocative, and I might try it with some silver lettering?!


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