.. peekaboo red ..

I feel like I don't wear red enough, and I do really enjoy the impact and drama that is inherent in such a bold and striking color. I bought this vintage dress awhile back for the OFT shop, but loved it so much, that I just couldn't part with it! As you can imagine, that happens to me a lot. I'm kind of hopeless when it comes to parting with these vintage gems.

On the same day as this photoshoot, I jumped in front of the camera for a few shots to show you how great this dress moves and the pretty peekaboo cutout detail in the back. Believe me, I am quite awkward in front of the camera, but we managed to get a couple of nice-ish shots.

No shoes either, as I forgot to bring my heels, but going barefoot was kind of perfect given the natural and lush greenery.

The view is mostly obstructed, but take a look at the royal blue handbag I'm holding. Even though I love that, too, I am willing to sacrifice it for the shop. It'll be available soon!


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