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This post is long overdue, as the event happened way back in November! I helped organize a baby shower for one of my older brothers and his wife months ago, and am only now posting these pics, with the baby almost three months old. Oh man, Ethan is such a cutie pie, and this baby shower was just the first of many celebrations we've had and will have for him.

I wish I could post pics of the guests, but I know some people are shy about having their images just out there for everyone to see, so I'll focus on the food instead. I made pizzas, gnocchi, ravioli, pasta salad, and caesar salad!!

I've never made so many pizzas in one day before!! We seriously had twenty or so different toppings...pepperoni, soppresata, italian sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, artichokes, roasted peppers, four difference kinds of cheeses, bacon, and on and on it went!

 Pasta salad with tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, bacon, red cabbage, in a nice fresh vinaigrette.

Gnocchi in a tomato basil sauce.

We also had some fun games, not too traditional, but more torturous and hilarious! We had a drinking contest, via baby bottles. We also had guests picking out baby blocks with hidden notes inside that had them kissing their neighbors, exposing their nipples (females luckily excluded), and in general, making a fool of themselves. What can I say, we tried to spice things up a bit.

 Baby shower accessories!!

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