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We had a lot of yummy sweet treats here at work today. A rep brought by these sugar cookies (in the shape of large kisses) and they were filled with a caramel colored paste. The office was awash in curiosity as to the contents of the filling.

I finally got around to tasting one of them, and I instantly thought caramelized condensed milk, dulce de leche (but not as sweet or caramelly as I've had in the past). They reminded me of similar Argentinian cookies that I've tried. My guess was met with dismay and denial, as someone piped up that it must be a date filling or figs. Being who we are, we just had to know! After several calls to the bakery (i.e., Porto's)....I emerged victorious.

Yes, I know...pretty impressive, right? (not really) 

 I sure know my food ;)

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